Saturday, July 22, 2017

Stupid Trolls

I think that along with other phrases and terms that have obviously suffered a decline in denotative significance in common usage - especially as used among atheists - such terms as ad hominem, fallacy, Occams razor,  evidence, proof, ... etc, you can add "run on sentence".  I think for most people online that term means "long sentence" or, "longer than I'm used to reading because I don't read much".   I think short sentences tend to lead to superficial, simplistic and facile thinking, so I use whatever length of sentence I think in.  If the guys who troll me can't keep up, I'm not surprised.   I write the occasional run-on sentence, sometimes I even go back and fix that in editing.  But I'd rather be guilty of the occasional run-on sentence than the long ago ran-out  of ideas contents of the trolls who get sent to the Spam file. 

Update:  One of the two trolls trolling here today, "General Zod" for anyone who wants to get a general sense of the level of maturity I generally spare you from, obviously doesn't know what a "run-on sentence" is.  Here, from Warriner's English Grammar and Composition, the Freshman course: 

13b.  A run-on sentence consists of two or more sentences separated by a comma or by no mark of punctuation.  

The Senior Year version says this in a note on run-on sentences:

Professional writers (who have a strong sentence sense or they would not be professionals) do at times write fragments and use the comma between sentences, especially when the ideas in the sentences are very closely related.  

I don't see why non-professionals shouldn't get to do what the pros do, on occasion.  Though I suspect one of the most important differences between professional writers and non-professional ones is that the pros get editors.   

If you want me to take what you say seriously, find out what you're talking about, don't just pull it out of your asininity. 


  1. That's nice Sparky, you and your one friend keep discussing how Your Invisible Sky Wizard will smite all us - what do you call us - materialistic atheists. Which leads me to ask - do you own anything that could be considered materialistic? I'm guessing YES. So you keep on praying to Jeebus, you and your one buddy. I don't know who you think you are convincing with your inane rants, but keep at it if it amuses you. It's always fun to stop here from time to time just to yank your chain.

    1. You don't have the ability to "yank my chain" because you can't do that if the person whose "chain" you want to yank doesn't respect you and you've prevented that from happening.

      You obviously don't even know what the ideology of materialism holds and are even more clueless as to what non-materialists think. Materialism is a monistic ideology that holds that nothing but the material universe, matter, energy, exists. It has to demote the mind to nothing because the mind is not material and cannot be and match the human experience of consciousness. Try to experience, nevermind own anything without consciousness and see where that gets you.

      For someone who is amused you are a pissed off little troll, aren't you. Do you enjoy being pissed off? Maybe it's because the banality of your own thinking doesn't provide any enjoyable experience but that. Something that seems to explain the Breitbart-FOX mentality, too. You've got a lot more in common with them than you'd ever want anyone to notice.

      I might get around to a longer response later. Though I doubt you'll understand it.

      You might try reading more.