Monday, May 1, 2017

Yeah, you can tell I'd agree with the New York Times new climate change denying op-ed writer because I posted this yesterday.

 .... I'm a lot more worried about Americans being sold lies denying climate change and the role that fossil fuel plays in that than in them being fuzzy about what the Earth goes around.   That's TV induced ignorance sold through oil and other extraction industries, sold by American TV for profit, even influencing the stinking New York Times who recently hired an op-ed scribbler who is selling that really dangerous lie that even more Americans believe as the friggin' world boils and burns around them.  There's no way human ignorance is going to move the Sun or the Earth though it could well end life on Earth.   I'll bet a lot of them could tell you who was on Seinfeld or some other idiotic TV show.

It's a fact that the guy who failed to read that yesterday is a huge Seinfeld fan.  You know, another racist, lily white view of life in the most overrated city on the continent.  He's got a weakness for movie directors and TV shows that give a lily white view of the place he calls home. As I recall the New York Times climate change denier is also a racist.  So he's got more in common with him than I do. Apparently so do the people who run the stinking New York Times.

 I have suggested remedial reading but I'm not sure he could read the suggestion.\

Update:  Apparently the early pioneer of peer-promotion in elementary education who never learned to read is saying it again this morning.  As to the world "scientism" being a "bullshit" word, the schmuck never learned how to use a dictionary, either.  Read through the quotes giving examples of the use of "scientism" there are some really interesting points, especially in the few I've gotten round to looking up in the last few minutes.  I've got to get some fun out of this.

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