Friday, May 5, 2017

It's Time For In These Times To Die

An example of the lefty media doing Republican-fascists' work for them, this is the story currently at the top of the page of In These Times

In Its Defense Against Fraud Suit From Bernie Supporters, the DNC Just Dug Itself Into an Epic Hole

If the party wants to favor a candidate, that’s its own business, argues DNC lawyer.

If you want to know who Branko Marcetic is, here is the official, In These Times description of him. 

Branko Marcetic is a regular contributor to In These Times. He hails from Auckland, New Zealand, where he received his Masters in American history, a fact that continues to puzzle everyone who meets him. 

 That's right, he's a friggin' Kiwi who doesn't even live here. He lives in the country that at least one of Trump's billionaire-gay-sociopath supporters plans on fleeing to if that Trump stuff turns ugly FOR HIM. In These Times is a magazine that has earned a place on the scrap heap of history many times over. It's not the only lefty media outlet that has.  I wonder about these guys, their effect seems more than slightly assange to me.

I don't know much about the husband and wife lawyer team who brought the frivolous and massively helpful suit for Republicans except that she lost a case for a client to Trump, costing someone more than three hundred thousand in legal fees.  Reportedly during a deposition session, with Trump, she announced she was going to use a breast pump to pump mother's milk.  As a possible indication of how professional they might be.

I am not giving a link, I don't link to Trump assets pretending to be lefty magazines.

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