Friday, May 5, 2017

Some Point Of Strategy In Defeating The Republican Enemy

The practical work in defeating the Republican war on The American People starts with making Republicans, especially the pseudo-moderate Republicans in the Senate, understand that they will wear whatever bill gets signed by Trump for the rest of their lives and in history.  Susan Collins can be counted on to do her best to try to arrange things so she appears to oppose the Republican bill, which will be depraved, but only if her support isn't needed to pass it.  As someone said, you can always count on Susan Collins when it doesn't matter.

In the only slightly longer period, we have to replace Republicans with Democrats, it almost doesn't matter which Democrat as long as they can win the election and remove a Republican from office.  Control of the House and Senate matter, completely.  Even if you're a play-lefty who would rather see the worst Republicans in single offices so you can preen in your purity, who controls those bodies matters, entirely.

For the lefty rags who pushed the Green candidacy of Jill Stein - clearly as much a Russian asset as Trump is, your credibility was lost through your help in giving us a second disastrous Republican loser of an election in less than two decades.  Your continued carping about the impurity of Democrats has put Trump in office, when you whine about the impurity of other Democrats who lose to Republicans, you are their agents.   Democracy Now, The Nation, In These Times, The Progressive, to some extent even Mother Jones have all been guilty of that in the last two years, some of them are continuing to do that, right now.   If you continue that, you deserve to be attacked as much as FOX does because you've had the same effect in reality as it does.

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