Thursday, May 4, 2017

Um. Your Connection Is A Disconnect Because You Think It's Science Whereas I Don't - Hate Mail

Pointing out that God is not visible, not measurable in response to me pointing out that Richard Lewontin admitted the same thing about supposed selective pressures supposedly controlling evolution is not going to get an atheist guy like you far.  No rational, informed religious person tries to treat God scientifically, atheists in their numbers are constantly putting purported invisible, unobservable, immeasurable, unquantifiable, unknowable entities directly into science, making them weapons against and substitutes for God the Creator.   

I wonder at them not understanding the inconsistency or irony of their holdings. 

Tim Radford, in his review of Stephen Hawking's Grand Design noted:

In this very brief history of modern cosmological physics, the laws of quantum and relativistic physics represent things to be wondered at but widely accepted: just like biblical miracles. M-theory invokes something different: a prime mover, a begetter, a creative force that is everywhere and nowhere. This force cannot be identified by instruments or examined by comprehensible mathematical prediction, and yet it contains all possibilities. It incorporates omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence, and it's a big mystery. Remind you of Anybody?

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