Saturday, May 6, 2017

It Is Like What Would Happen If Nothing Were Done After Pearl Harbor

With the mounting attack by the Putin regime on the French election on behalf of the fascist candidate, along with its attacks on the American election, installing Donald Trump and other Putin regime assets, it's clear that there is a cooperative effort between fascist groups and parties in the West and the billionaire, oligarch, kleptocracy that rules Russia, today.

As in the United States, the Putin-fascist attacks on Democratic candidates in elections have taken full advantage of free speech, free press laws and the free wheeling, irresponsible media that have been generated by the laws here and in France.  That both countries have a cult of free speech-press that holds up 18th century concepts on that as civic gods is certainly no accident.  There is no human and certainly no legal entity which cannot, with enough thinking and testing, be used for corrupt ends.  Corporate and other lawyer in all countries are constantly looking for loopholes to exploit, the United States has think tanks and groups devoted to doing that domestically, it has media that has been completely cooperative with that effort, destroying the basis of American democracy as an egalitarian entity, government of, by and for THE PEOPLE.

This is nothing less than an emergency which has left the United States vulnerable to the concerted effort of a government consisting of fascist-friendly billionaire crooks with no moral inclinations or restraints who, just as American billionaires, see democracy as a threat to their crime families and cartels.  Certainly, this past year and this year have shown the total and complete vulnerability of American free speech-press orthodoxy.  The media have been more than just passively duped by the Russian ratfucking of our election, they have been active participants in it, even if they were not so inclined, their habits and tradition have made their cooperative part in it all but a totally certain thing. They have shown no inclination to vigorously and actively resist against enabling the attacks on our democracy, their professional ideology is, itself, a factor which only an idiot wouldn't understand that the Putin regime understands and exploits.

We will find out if the use of internet "media," indisputably huge part of the effort to install Trump here will ensure one of the most dangerous fascists in the West in office, where she has announced her intentions of destroying the post-war Western alliance, I have no doubt that she would do it.  A Marine LePen regimen in France will be a new Vichy government only one which will leave a democracy in Germany and in Eastern Europe vulnerable on two fronts.  I'm not expecting that there will be an expensive, disastrous military attack.  Putin's victory in the United States didn't require much more than an antiquated interpretation of the First Amendment and the legal, political, media and social entities that have flourished here under that anti-democratic interpretation.   If we don't take that fact into account and radically alter that understanding very fast, American democracy will die and it will have largely participated in its own demise through refusal to adapt to new realities and facts.   Our legal hacks, our courts, seem unwilling to address that fact, which leaves politics, the very thing which is under attack.

Update:  Pearl Harbor was a military attack, the way to address it was entering in the World War Two. The attack this time is not on a physical location and a naval base, it was done through the American media both traditional news-entertainment media and the internet.  Clearly the danger won't be removed until the way the attack was mounted is changed to protect democracy from that kind of an attack.  The ultimate goal of the First Amendement wasn't to keep the free-speech industry happy, IT WAS TO SECURE AND PROTECT THE FREEDOM AND EQUALITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.   If that wasn't the goal of the founders, I don't care, they're long dead, we're not.  We're under attack from an organized crime gang which has already destroyed democracy in Russia.

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