Monday, May 1, 2017

Maybe I Should Start A Regular Monday Heresy Feature

So far as I have ever been able to figure out, even after the humiliation of the sTARBABY  scandal the atheists' alleged saints, Paul Kurtz and James Randi never bothered to correct their ignorance of statistics so they could claim to know the first thing about what they were talking about.  Considering they were both alleged adults and they kept up the pretense of being champions of science and reasoning until their deaths (I assume Randi will keep up that pretense for business purposes, he's still pulling his fraud to suck in the suckers, now).   Of course, they have people like Ray Hyman to both know what he's talking about and to twist and misrepresent things - and to suppress papers when he doesn't like their conclusions, a pseudo-skeptical file drawer effect - so maybe they figured that was covered by their cult.

As for whining that I dissed what you would have to believe is the imaginary shade of the atheist St. Carl Sagan, go read his wholesale selling of baloney concerning Randi's Carlos "Hoax" fraud in which Sagan repeats the fraudulent account of it that Randi peddled in the United States eight or nine years after the Australian skeptics had exposed Randi's account as a lie pretty much from start to finish and beyond.   I remember the first time I ever saw Sagan on TV, talking about his one area of competence, planetary exploration, he was mesmerizing.  Then, encouraged by a couple of appearances on the NOVA TV series, he commercialized his pseudo-skeptical gig and became insufferable.  The guy was a lazy twerp who spread loads of nonsense, commonly held historical myth, stereotypical and inaccurate claims about people, groups, institutions and entities without much in the way of fact checking.  He was quite prepared to distort other peoples' scientific claims, such as in his absurd "Amniotic Universe" theory of human experience and continue even when the guy whose claims he cited rejected his interpretation of it.   I can go on.   I hadn't, yet, become familiar with his presence in CSICOP and his part in the cover-up of the sTARBABY scandal when he not only was one of those in the best position to understand the scandal and who may have been the one, other than one of the cover-up conspirators, George Abell, with a professional responsibility in the very field it happened in.

Carl Sagan was even more of an obnoxious media presence than the dime-store polymath Isaac Asimov back then.  Only, as far as I know, Asimov's junk contribution to the hoard of common received baloney is his ridiculous "Laws of Robotics" which some sci-rangers believe are a thing, even today.  Sagan initiated the practice of them trying to be ninja logicians, spouting charges of  and inventing "logical fallacies" and more incompetently and ignorantly, giving them a vocabulary without a shred of understanding.  I really couldn't take the pill.

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