Thursday, May 4, 2017

Republicans Are The Party of Russian Backed Treason

Chuck Grassley has always been a whiny, hypocritical piece of garbage but his decision to protect the Trump regime's treason against the United States is a new low, even for him.   As a long standing Senator for Iowa, he is a piece of garbage that the people who voted for him have responsibility for.  As Rachel Maddow pointed out, Lindsay Graham and Chuck Grassley both proved yesterday that they are are setting the table for trying to sink the supposedly responsible Senate investigation into the Trump-Russia ratfucking of our presidential election and our government.  

This is about the most serious issue active today.  It's clear that the leadership of the Republican party are going to try to derail an investigation into one of the most serious attacks against the United States in our history. 

Update:  Yeah, sometimes I wish Rachel  would go without the buildup part of her pieces, it can bury the lede, but that's her style and a lot of what she says is important.   Maybe she figures the stuff she uses in her buildup would get buried if she didn't include it.  I took her buildup in that story to mean she's getting threatened by lawyers in an attempt to harass her and NBC into dropping the Russia story.  If that's the case it should be its own news story, though maybe their lawyers have advised against that.  

The Republican Party is a fascist party, I've been telling people that for years, now.  It isn't a normal American party, it's like what would have happened if a fringe party of the past had become dominant.  

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