Monday, May 1, 2017

Menschenrechten und Demokratie entsprungen sind, ist unmittelbar ein Erbe der jüdischen Gerechtigkeitsund der christlichen Liebesethik.

"You hate Seinfeld because he's Jewish."

Oh, you don't understand, I think there are things that are too serious and important to joke about. Religion is too important to make a comedy routine about, especially the seed bed of personal freedom, rights, the moral obligation to respect those and its political and social results, modern democracy, Judaism.  

The Holocaust, the murders of the disabled, the Roma, the Poles, etc.  Any humor about those things isn't funny, it's a symptom of a society plunging into fascism or worse. 

It's too important to lead me to think it's a good idea for the ignorant and predisposed to be led astray with uninformed, most often negatively stereotyped jokes about it.   As such, yeah, I pretty much reject all of that low-grade comedy that thinks that just referring to something about Judaism means it's a joke. I have too much respect for it to think that's funny.  It's an expression of internalized hatred, not comedy.  It's pathological, not entertaining.   No more than watching an obviously mentally ill person being put on stage for people to laugh at would be.   For a cheap gag-man and yuck peddler to degrade it is offensive. 


  1. Does he mean to reduce antisemitism to a nullity, because that's what he's going for.

    1. He or whoever is throwing this stuff at me. I think he just misses it when I don't give him attention so he acts up so I can't ignore it. If it's he, he's essentially a bratty 2-year-old. If it's not him, there's more than one of them around. Now, isn't that an unpleasant thought.