Wednesday, November 9, 2016

TV Lies Democracy Dies

I just got done talking with a friend who sat at the polls with a petition to expand medicaid in Maine, one of the states blocked by John Roberts, Republicans in the legislature and the sleaze ball who will probably be in the Trump regime, Paul LePage. 

He said that the saddest thing was the number of those who had Trump pins on who obviously needed stuff and who signed the petition, not realizing they were voting for a man and a party who was going to prevent it from ever happening. 

TV lies, democracy dies. 

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  1. There are plenty of places to lay blame, and I agree with the blame being placed on most of them. Charlie Pierce is right, too: it started with Stevens the Clueless Justice, and Richard Posner, the self-righteous one.

    There really is plenty of blame to go around.