Sunday, November 6, 2016

Comey Covering His Other Cheek

So, James Comey sent a new letter to the congress saying that the FBI hasn't found anything that would cause them to re-open the case into Hillary Clinton's e-mails nine days after he broke Department of Justice rules and the advice of his superiors against sending the letter that obviously tried to damage Hillary Clinton's and Democrats chances in the election on Tuesday.  I wonder which cheek this one is supposed to cover.

Just how big an idiot is James Comey?   Obviously a huge one which is probably one of the big reasons why he has been so really bad at the job.  But he's indisputably corrupt, as well.

Barack Obama made a huge mistake in putting James Comey in the Directorship of the FBI, he owes it to the country to fire him, especially if Democrats take back at least the Senate.    James Comey is not only incompetent, he is a hypocrite and the kind of self-righteous guy whose conscience will allow him to turn anything into an act of virtue, in his own mind and at his own convenience.  The man belongs outside of law enforcement, outside of the judicial system, outside of government and alleged public service.   Aside from his own corrupt incompetence in sending the letter is that he has allowed agents of the FBI to break rules and almost certainly the law in pursuing political vendettas as FBI investigations and sharing leaks with Rudy Giuliani and other members of the Republican Party and the right-wing media.  He is unable to direct the agency he's the Director of, that, alone, constitutes not only cause to fire him but makes it necessary to do so.

If Barack Obama doesn't, in the little time left in his term, remove Comey from office he has confirmed that he never intended to be a strong president.  It will be just one in a series of let downs during his time in office.   If he does, he should leave it to Hillary Clinton to appoint his successor, that is if she is elected and the Democrats take the Senate.   If that doesn't happen, Democrats taking at least the White House and Senate, it might be just as well to leave him in place.   If Hillary Clinton doesn't manage to dump him she should appoint an Attorney General strong enough to keep him and his rogue agency in line.  Loretta Lynch obviously couldn't.   If an adequate successor can't be put in the office, it would probably be better to have the discredited Comey in the office rather than who would succeed him under any of the nightmare scenarios that the FBI meddling in the election might bring.  

At the very least there has to be that criminal investigation of Comey and his agents.   The last thing we need is an FBI which is out of control, breaking the law and working with the Republican-fascists.  I think James Comey belongs in jail as well as a number of his agents.  When the police break the law there should be no question of them walking.   Considering the role Comey had in the torture of Jose Padilla, he's the last person who should get off with no penalty paid.


  1. So the baying pack of FBI agents who think Clinton is a criminal; do they think she "got away with it" again? Somebody in the FBI told Giuliani, directly or through retired agents, that they had the goods on her when nobody was supposed to know they had anything.

    So assume no one had looked at the e-mails; still, she was guilty, and now they had proof? What do they think now? Clinton magicked them away, replacing proof of criminal acts with innocuous or repetitive e-mails?

    Comey isn't the only person who needs to be sent packing.

    First thing Obama should do Wednesday morning is send Comey packing.

  2. Hey Sparky:

    "Fox hosts and contributors lashed out at Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for appearing with Beyoncé and Jay Z during a Cleveland, Ohio, campaign event.

    Fox Business guest and Trump adviser Betsy McCaughey took to reciting what she believed were controversial lyrics to attack the powerful couple: "She says F me hard and I'll take you to Red Lobster!" Similarly, Fox News host Sean Hannity took his shot at reading some Jay Z lyrics: "F with me you know I've got it ... You turned into the mother F-er greatest. If you feel like a pimp N-word go brush your shoulders off." Appearing on Fox Business, Todd Starnes claimed that Clinton was a hypocrite for appearing with the cultural icons, saying that Clinton "portrays herself as a sanctimonious church lady in a white pant suit, but when the lights go down she turns into this political party girl doing the diva twist and shout. And I think people are starting to see through that."

    How does it feel to agree with Fox News?