Friday, November 11, 2016

No, You Can't Unite With Lies and Greed And Cruelty Without Promoting It And Those Are The Definition of Evil

So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.   Matthew 7:12

Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.  Matthew 25:40

In those two verses are contained the absolute defense against lie already being told, that what the Republicans will do to the country and the world is a manifestation of Christianity.  What they will do, what they have done is a complete repudiation of Christianity.  Any assertions that anyone who does that does so out of Christianity lies about its identity.  If you want to put it in biblical terms, what they will claim to be Christian is actually anti-Christian.  Since the first of those is contained in Leviticus, it is actually as profoundly anti-Jewish.  

That, of course, won't stop the atheists, the anti-Christian antagonists from pursuing their real prime directive, to turn everything into a weapon against religion, primarily Christianity, when it is exactly from the scriptures that the strongest condemnation of what is done in its name is to be found.  

But this isn't intended as primarily a defense of the Jewish-Christian scriptures, some other scriptures of other religions contain the same substance, though not all religions do.  When it says in the scriptures that God will write the Law on our hearts, I don't think he'd leave out any of us. Maybe if he said it today he'd say that he'd encode it in our DNA, though I don't, not for a second, believe that moral awareness is found in the DNA or in the physical brain.  That is an atheist superstition.  

The call from the very media that carried and promoted every lie about Hillary Clinton is now mouthing the civic piety that uniting under the winner of the electoral college is what we are to do.  I will point out that they don't seem to feel any such need to do that when it is a Democrat who wins, not only the electoral college but also the popular vote and even a majority of the popular vote such as Barack Obama did.  In his case it was he who was to come together with Republicans even as they immediately used racism and everything else to sandbag him, just as they sandbagged Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.   

The American media is a lie machine and now even the stupidest liberal who mouthed the equally empty civic piety of "free speech absolutism" has a full display of the result of their great virtue.  The person who is probably the most competent and prepared candidate for the presidency and beyond any doubt one whose adherence with the law has been tested for a quarter of a century with tens of millions of dollars spent testing her by her opponents, was rejected for this massively corrupt, massively unprepared Trump.  That is a direct result of the media being free to tell every lie that the Republican-fascist lie machine could dream up to tell about her.  To that media which now mouths those empty civic pities I say go to hell, I hope you are among the first to find yourselves experiencing such results of you self-serving theory of the deeply flawed First Amendment.  And you just might, those of you who had the notion of reporting facts.  In a regime of liars it's the truth that is banned, lies are rewarded.  It's your colleagues who are the liars who will prosper, you are their suckers, their chumps, even as you preen in your assumed erudition, you got taken like the dopes you really are. 

You don't come together and make common cause with the enemies of the truth, the enemies of decency, the enemies of the common good.   You might pray for them to see the evil of their ways but you don't pray for their success in carrying out that evil, you don't make it easier for them to do that evil.  This is not a time for mild mannered platitudes, this is a time to learn from the Church of resistance, the church of the Liberation Theologians, the church which opposed the Nazis.  For anyone who is still stupid enough to think that's overwrought and unsettling language,  I have complete confidence that Americans who speak English can do the same things that people who speak other languages can do in the way of evil, they have been signaling their intention to do that at Trump rallies WITH HIS ENCOURAGMENT for the past two years.  Now that they have power I doubt they or the judges and justices they appoint will allow their grasp on power to be challenged.  Trump admires Putin, among the most successful political murderers outside of official Communist governments.  There is every reason to attribute that same attitude to his political supporters.  Republicans who opposed him and announced their refusal to vote against him and for Hillary Clinton are the only ones who don't deserve to be tarred with his bullying, threatening proclamations.  

It all come from the lies that the free press, the free media freely told about Hillary Clinton for the past two decades.  Donald Trump is a creation of that media, his candidacy was advanced with the billions of dollars worth of free airtime they gave him, those patterns persisted even as they were forced to talk about his sleaziness because that is who he is.  Now they will try to gild the turd that he is and there will be an effective margin of people who will pretend that the turd is solid gold.  Those will mostly be found among those who voted for him, I doubt anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton will buy the crap, they're the ones who are already resistant to that particular line of lying.  Actually the only ones who will change their ideas are those who voted for Trump as they experience and observe what he really does in office. 

The real civic virtue of those of us who voted for Hillary Clinton is not in coming together, it is to resist in every way we can find, to constantly and persistently point out the crimes of Trump, his regime and the Republican-fascist party which installed him in office.  We have to reject the media that promoted him.   The cabloids - yes, including MSNBC which maintains that night-time liberal ghetto slot while most people are watching sports and sitcoms and cop operas - hate-talk radio, the broadcast and the relic of the ink on paper media all brought us here.

The stinking, poxed pimp of power, the New York Times has more responsibility for producing the Trump Presidency than most.  It endorsed the competent candidate, in the end but that is after decades of publishing hit pieces on her that the real media with a political impact, the electronic media, parroted and promoted as having the reliability of the New York Times.  The Times is a syphilitic pimp of a paper.  The Sulzberger family has kept it that way for the entire time it has been helping to create the conditions that have given us a Trump Presidency.  As I will never stop pointing out, it is the paper that legalized exactly the kind of lies that have brought us here.  What it permitted, its rivals and colleagues have used to destroy egalitarian democracy even as they piously claim to have promoted it.   The Arthur Ochs Sulzbergers, father and son probably did more to bring us the Trump presidency than any other family.  They fully deserve their share of the credit for that.  

Post Script:  Until We Defeat The Oligarchy We Live Under We Are Divided Between Oligarchs and Commoners.  

American, egalitarian democracy is dead, we may as well all face that fact.  It died in the past fifty years and was sick for a good part of the time after the election of Nixon.  The traditional language that pretended the American system was solidly based on equality and the sovereignty of The People no longer describes the reality of our unequal and increasingly unequal society. 

We have paid a dear price for having the elegant, even coolly aristocratic Barack Obama as President.  He has proven over the past eight years that he just will not exert himself to fight effectively against Republicans except in the context of his own political campaigns.  He has mouthed the conventional formulas talked about above since the election, just as he accommodated Republicans from before he took office.  

Barack Obama has too much class to be good in fighting against the evil we face, he is too concerned with his own image of cool classiness to get down and fight.  He has also proven by his appointments, especially in finance and the economy, and at justice that he's too close to the Republicans in their regard of the wealthy as opposed to the poor.  

That's the price we pay for electing the products of such schools as Harvard, especially those like Obama who never set foot in a public school classroom as a student.  You can contrast him with Elizabeth Warren, who is a product of public schools and universities, though, being absolutely brilliant, she was hired by Harvard she has proven to most certainly not be of it.  I would contrast Obama to a great extent with Hillary Clinton who also went to pubic schools though she went to private colleges, including that other most eminent of the Ivies, Yale.  I think Hillary Clinton would have governed far to the left of Obama and I don't think she would have appointed the kind of people who Elizabeth Warren has to publicly confront over their oligarchy pleasing conduct.  

Barack Obama would make a good figurehead, high above things, a symbol, he has been a weak Democrat in far too many ways.  I do blame him for a good part of this.  If he had not appointed the likes of Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, etc. the middle and lower classes would be doing a lot better, if he had appointed someone who didn't follow the never prosecute the richest thieves policies of Eric Holder he would have been their hero instead of someone who so many believe betrayed them.   There is no reason to hold back on those points anymore, if they aren't said we won't learn not to put our trust in someone whose natural accommodations for his own class inevitably make him into a person most people don't trust to look out for them.   I voted for Obama twice, the second time it was not because I thought he would do better, it was because his opponent was worse.   If we ever see another Democrat who manages to win election it really should be a Democrat who cares about those who have become,  in this stinking de facto oligarchy, common people. 

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