Sunday, November 6, 2016

Addendum: If There Is A Terror Attack People Need To Ask Why The FBI Was Playing Politics Instead of Preventing It

I had a Republicanfascist troll make some comment just now about the warning that there is chatter that Al Qaeda might be planning a terror attack in the United States, no doubt to have the kind of effect on our elections that other governments have been trying to do by other means.

If there is an attack one of the first questions that has to be asked is if the FBI office in New York City and other agents, elsewhere, hadn't been trying to screw with the election so much over the past months maybe they'd have had more resources available to investigate and perhaps have prevented it. 

James Comey should be the first person asked that question and not allowed to get out of giving an account of why he let so many FBI agents play politics instead of doing their jobs this year.  He and the Republican-aiding agents will wear it, first and foremost. 

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