Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton Gave Us A Great Candidacy

Win or lose, I'd better not hear anyone accuse Hillary Clinton of running a bad campaign, she ran a great campaign which was largely ignored by the TV and other media.  As a candidate, she displayed massive competence, command of facts, grace under fire, strength under pressure and, especially in the debates, some tactical brilliance.  Her ability to get under Trump's skin and force him to display what a fool he is was the best performance of its kind I've ever seen.  

If this campaign is lost it will have more to do with Republican ratfucking done in the FBI, the media journalizing its hatred of her and its contempt for Democrats and democracy than anything wrong with her candidacy.  She has overcome so much, including stupid missteps by Bill Clinton and some members of the Obama administration.  If tonight is a good one I'll have something to say about both of them.  

I have become convinced in the last two months that Hillary Clinton has the ability to be a great president and the disposition to, as well.  If she gets the chance to prove that potential remains to be seen.  Whatever else you might want to claim, she has not let down her supporters.  She has fought a brutal uphill battle, not only this past eighteen months but over the past three decades.  I am not especially sentimental about voting but I can say that I felt proud to vote for Hillary Clinton.  

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