Wednesday, November 9, 2016

More On What Is Coming

I don't know how to fight the struggle that will come.   The old tools of demonstrations and stunts like Occupy certainly haven't prevented the descent into fascism, I doubt they'll be effective in fighting it. I suspect that any effective resistance to this won't come from the secular left, it will be based in religious communities which hold the moral obligation to demand equality and justice.  That's about as far as I've gotten tonight, this sleepless night, one of many I'm expecting.  

Violence is going to come, real violence using those guns,  the gun nuts aided and abetted by the Roberts and other Republican courts have armed them with.   The truly fascistic nature of those elegantly educated and trained people will become clear in actual violence.  I pray that it doesn't get as out of hand as it very likely could.  It probably will.   

That violence has already come to Black People, to Latinos, to Muslims, to LGBT people and others.  It has come to schools across the country.  A judiciary and  politicians who are willing to see elementary school children gunned down in mass shootings will not flinch at the kind of violence they have already enabled when it becomes a political tool.  I'm tempted to say I hope I'm wrong about it but that recent history, just cited, proves that's exactly what is happening now. 

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