Monday, November 7, 2016

Even If Comey Resigns The Agents Who Have Made The FBI Into a Republican Propaganda Generator Have To Be Rooted Out And Punished

Iowa house member, right wing fanatic and all-round piece of slime Steve King is saying that Republicans in congress have the 650,000 e-mails on Anthony Weiner's laptop.

That fact mandates that there be a full criminal investigation of the FBI under James Comey with full powers to compel testimony under oath, full power to see warrants to gather evidence and full power to seek grand jury or whatever other means are available to prosecute anyone who committed a crime in this matter.  

There are those who are asking for this to be quietly swept under a rug in the interest of harmonious getting on with things.  The problem is that the Republicans, now morphed into an actual fascist party will continue using the same tactics they pioneered during the Bill Clinton administration of using the FBI and other law enforcement entities, from local and state police on up  as part of their political operations.  James Fallows of the Atlantic might think he's come up with the solution of a possible president Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama firing the incompetent and obviously corrupt James Comey being forestalled by, somehow, James Comey just deciding to resign after the election.  Which is absurd.   Any such scheme that imagines Comey to do that without being forced to is nonsense.  And it hardly addresses the very likely range of crime committed within the federal law enforcement agency.

James Comey is a big part of the problem, especially in the last year, he is obviously unable to direct the agents of the FBI to do, you know, little things like prevent terror attacks, go after actual criminals who rob people, who harm people, who kill people, in stead of trying to find salacious or merely slightly off or merely bendable stuff to use against Democrats.  But this problem has been an ongoing one for the past quarter of a century.   It is clear that there are FBI agents who are using the FBI to promote the Republican party in politics, to aid the cabloid scandal machine, especially that of Rupert Murdoch and to set up a de facto one-Republican party-state.

There has to be a stop put to this and it won't come by anything short of a full criminal investigation, including any congressmen or Senators or other politicians who have worked with those agents to politicize the FBI.   Rudy Giuliani has certainly been a part of it by his own admission.  His admission is credible, his retraction slide back is an obvious lie.

The role of television and radio news would almost certainly enter into this, it's obvious that some people at FOX "news" have  had access to information that could likely only come from the FBI.  If any of that was illegal, they should also be placed under investigation.   The 24hour "news" cable stations have had a huge role in corrupting our politics, they have been, throughout their relatively short history had the same political profile of the tabloid rags, right wing.  The few examples which can serve as an exception to that are notable BECAUSE THEY ARE AN EXCEPTION TO IT.  They have constituted a minuscule number of total hours spent piping propaganda at a significant part of the American People.  That propaganda has had an alarmingly dangerous effect, as seen at Trump rallies all year.

The whole thing has to be exposed to the full view of the public.  Crimes committed have to be fully investigated and, where possible, prosecuted and punished.  Law enforcement officers should be the last to complain about them being held to the standards and practices of their own profession.  And if they complain their hypocrisy noted and ignored as those crimes are pursued.

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