Wednesday, November 9, 2016


There's one bit of bright news in the general gloom,  In New Hampshire Maggie Hassan won the Senate seat now occupied by the loathsome and cruel Kelley Ayotte.   If it means that Ayotte never wins election that would be a great thing.  She is really one of the worst people the North East has sent to the Senate in a long time. 

Weirdest news is that the town of Scarborough, Maine, population 4,403. somehow forgot to count 2,700 absentee ballots, or something like that.  Though I'm amazed they could have that number of them, it's even more amazing they could overlook them.  Two state house seats might change hands due to it.  

Legalizing marijuana, raising taxes in the rich are both too close to call, apparently.  We got the minimum wage raise and ranked voting, which I hope means we'll never have another Paul LePage even if some egotistical millionaire decides to run a vanity candidacy.  Though I'm always wary about how some right-wingers could game the process. 

Background checks on gun sales went down, which anyone who knows Maine would know it would.  Why out of state groups push these questions, skewing the turn out and likely effecting other races is likely due to the stupidity of liberals of the past who thought it would be groovy to make it easier to get questions on the ballot.   Maine has had some really ditsy liberals over the years, probably how we got the two districts' electoral votes counted separately.   Such liberals, in my experience, are not really so liberal. 

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