Saturday, November 12, 2016

Under JamesComey The FBI Is Promoting Sedition And Putting Us At The Greatest Risk We've Been In

It should seem like I'm beating a dead horse in bringing up James Comey and his criminalized FBI at this point but, unfortunately, that horse is very much alive and will certainly thrive in its crime spree as it joins in further thwarting democracy in the United States.

Some of the analysis of the election speculates that his letter issued eleven days before the election was enough to swing enough narrow majorities in enough states to give the loser of the popular vote the election.   I don't see any reason to assume that is a certainty and, most of all that that wasn't exactly the effect that James Comey and his criminalized FBI agents intended their activities to have.

This is, of course, exactly the kind of behavior you expect to see in a fascist police state, the police power of the federal and local governments being used to benefit the fascist party.   And with this election, the real nature of the Republican Party is clear.  

James Comey obviously loves to present himself as a true-blue boy scout when he is a sleazy political thug.   The media, of course, presents him as he would like, they are part of the con game. 

The thing is, this FBI has and will almost certainly support the biggest security risk we've ever had in the highest office of the country, their boss, the man who will appoint people who will run the very agencies of government which would guard against such sedition as his election risks.  I don't think we've ever been this vulnerable in our entire history, not even during and after the Civil War.  And the FBI under James Comey is entirely involved in creating and endorsing it.   

I choose the word "sedition" carefully because what they are doing is the ultimate sedition of undermining democracy.  That needs to be a crime and considering how bad it is, it should carry a life sentence. 

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