Monday, July 2, 2018

Stupid Mail - Spray Painting Crap Gold Just Gives You Gold Crap

Hey, your hero gave away his business plan, which was all business, nothing to do with art.

"I was looking for a sound, a sound so strong that if the material was not the greatest, the sound would carry the record."  Phil Spector

"Carrying records" is what that junk was all about, it was show business, with "business" spelled out in huge letters.  That music has nothing to do with art, it's product.  Which is why "Be My Baby" can get called the "greatest song" of that genre.  You have to dig pretty far down to find the first thing that Irving Berlin wrote that isn't superior to it.  And Irving wasn't any Cole Porter.  And Cole Porter wasn't any Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus, Andrew Hill, . . . 

Update:  I never said that but I will say that Simps is a terrible liar who would only be better if he stopped lying.  Which is about as likely as it would have been that Chandler would have stopped being a monumental booze hound.  

I notice they talked about movies, they didn't talk about reading the books, which I have and which are extremely uneven.  None of them are great, some of them have their moments if you can stomach the non-stop similes and metaphors and similar gaudiness which apparently impresses people as great writing.  Eschaton is a post-literate collection of lazy boobs who waste their time.  Didn't start out that way but like a fleabag venue in Chandlers books, it's what it's turned into. 

Update 2:  Stupy, if that was your RuPaul imitation it wasn't very good.  

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