Monday, July 2, 2018

First Step, Second Step, The Senatorial Sarabande Of The Judicial Nomination Hearing

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), a key swing vote in the upcoming fight to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court, says she won’t support a nominee who has demonstrated “hostility” to Roe v. Wade, the historic decision legalizing abortion in the United States.

But her stance isn’t likely to help pro-abortion rights advocates sleep better at night, either — she suggested she thinks two of the court’s conservative justices wouldn’t vote to overturn the decision, an assertion that’s far from guaranteedVOX 

I've watched Susan Collins for her entire time in public office, I have looked at her actions even as I've heard her claims and explanations of them.  That interview she gave, she spouted the typical bull shit that members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and judicial nominees spout.

First came pities about not having a "litmus test," along with the incredibly disingenuous claims about the reassurances she got from the massive liar and hypocrite, Trump about the same.   That even as Tapper played clips of Trump saying he had a litmus test.  Susan Collins knows damned well that not only does Trump have one, George W. Bush had one too and the members of the court he appointed have almost, in every instance, voted with entire predictability as has Gorsuch.  She knew that before she voted for them, she's lying when she claims she doesn't know just as they were lying when they said it, under oath before her committee.

Second it's claims that, along with Trump, one of those who played her over the ACA, or, rather gave her another fig leaf to cover her shame just a few months back, she believes that John Roberts and Neil Gorsuch won't vote to overturn Roe v Wade.

What she's really banking on is that they won't do it BEFORE HER NEXT RUN FOR REELECTION but after that she won't care anymore than they did about the lies of that kind they told during their confirmation hearings.  Her one and only concern is that she not have it thrown in her face, relying on the Republican favoring Maine and national media to not hold her accountable.  I think Jake Tapper's interview might be the only one I remember where anyone really did something like that.   It's not as if any of the "justices" have been held accountable for the similar lies told during the Judiciary Hearings Comity Cotillion.

Her interview with Jake Tapper an episode of a series that's re-run almost as many times as The Rifleman on cabloid and small market TV.   It's a game of liars poker from start to finish and she's an old hand at it.  Only, unlike that stupid game, everyone is supposed to pretend they don't know that everyone involved is lying through their teeth as they pretend to be acting out of what passes as the highest of principles and ideals in our corrupted government.   Considering how much of that kind of lying is a part of the Supreme Court record, even from the most lauded and praised of "justices" maybe that's a lot less shocking than it should be.

Hey, Susan, WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN YOUR GUY JEFF SESSIONS STOLE FROM THEIR PARENTS AND PUT IN BABY CONCENTRATION CAMP?  You sold him to the country, now you figure we'll just forget that?   

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