Friday, July 6, 2018


As the text of Wendell Phillips' book runs to about 207 pages and a lot of it consists of notes on debates, presumably verbatim or as close to a verbatim record as we're going to get, I have decided to post the complete text on a new blog.  I will be posting at least selected extracts with commentary on it here  concentrating on how what the original corrupt bargain between aristocratic slave holders and aristocratic rich men in the North relates to the unmentioned fact that in that bargain both groups of wealthy and wishing to be wealthy aristocrats got what they wanted and how what they wanted has been continually used against Black People and other members of subjugated groups starting then and continuing till today.   And the equal fact that the inspirational part of American history, despite what you'll read in high school textbooks and hear in the media, consists largely of groups having to fight to gain their rights in opposition to the text of the Constitution, both as originally and intentionally written and as applied by Supreme Courts, Congresses, Presidents and lower courts and states. 

I have put a link to this new blog in the blog list on the left sidebar.  As  I have  said, if you want to read the book it is available at the invaluable resource  I suspect it's going to take a long time for me to type through the entire text, never mind comment on passages, so I'd recommend you read it.

The book has been a continuing source of revelation and food for thought since I first read it, I find I'm continually going back to it to correct the lies and misconceptions about American history that I was taught and as the media, alleged news, documentary and entertainment teaches most people.  It's something that I wish someone would get Lin Manuel Miranda to go through, especially as it reveals his great hero was up to his monarchical, aristocratic forehead in the filthy bargain.  Maybe he could figure out a way to rap and boogie about accurate history on Broadway as well as phony hagiographic pop history, suckering a new generation into the Founders fetish and the unfortunate political and legal beliefs that are the reason it was promulgated to push.

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