Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Another Right-Wing White Male Republican Ex-Wrestling Coach Involved In A Gay Sex Abuse Scandal

Several former Ohio State wrestlers say Jordan, who before becoming one of the House’s most conservative lawmakers was a champion college wrestler and assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State from 1986 to 1994, failed to stop the team doctor from molesting student athletes.

The university has been conducting an investigation into Dr. Richard Strauss, who died in 2005, for repeated reports of sexual assault and rape. According to student testimony, Strauss is estimated to have sexually assaulted or raped at least 1,500 — and possibly up to 2,000 — athletes at Ohio State between 1978 through 1998. VOX

As the sex scandal that he was in up to his eyeballs has hit the news, judge Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan according to the rules that he and his allies in the Republican-fascist House Caucus follow.  Don't let them get rules that they don't apply to other people.   That should be a rule with politicians, judges, "justices" and other public officials, when they go after other people using the sleaziest, FOX, Sinclair, Breitbart, 4-Chan, pleasing methods of inquisition, they set the rules for themselves when almost inevitably they are embroiled in scandals, themselves.

The media will, of course, try to apply more lenient rules for Jim Jordan's Penn State style sexual abuse scandal, first, he's a Republican, second, he's white, third he's a jock, all of whom get special rules that favor them applied.  Oh, yeah, he's a man, no woman would be given the kind of special treatment that Jim Jordan can expect from the media. 

Republicans, in office and in the Republican-fascist media will express anger and outrage that anyone judge Jordan by the same rules he applied to Hillary Clinton and which he demonstrated in his stupidly incompetent attacks on Rod Rosenstein last week ("subpoena phone calls!").  It is always held to be different when it's a white-male-Republican and that goes twice when it's a square jawed white jock. 

A few years ago I began to figure it's a rule, you can finally name it the Hastert-Jordan rule, that when a white jock and coach goes into Republican politics of the hard-right variety, that you should suspect there's some kind of sex scandal in their past.  Or, considering how many figure Jordan is next in line to Paul Ryan,  you could call it the Newt Gingrich - Bob Livingston - Denny Hastert rule that you should suspect that whatever piece of slime the Republican caucus elects as speaker or leader has a good chance to have a sex scandal in their past if not present and future.   Especially those who apply hard rules against Democrats who have been accused in relatively minor "scandals".  And that's not to mention such Republicans who prosecuted Bill Clinton over lying about a totally consensual affair, such as Henry Hyde and Lindsay Graham.

And if you think that's unfair, you have to be a Republican or you have to have ignored how they have been getting away with rigging the rules in their favor for the past three decades.

And as to that last one,  you could be a mouthpiece for a pseudo-liberal group that bleats out how we must not fall to their level and must allow them to be judged by the presumption of innocence when said pseudo-liberals only get media attention when they want that applied to Republicans.  You can call that the Fred Wertheimer rule.   That would be after "the dean of campaign finance reformers" the "legendary open-government activist" who played such a huge role in magnifying piddling little "scandals" that aided the Republicans in their take over of the house, one of those who stupidly and ineptly (if you take him at his word) engineered Newt Gingrich's plan on using such "scandals" as Jim Wright's "book deal scandal" and the "post-office" scandal, which I defy you to explain.   He's exactly the kind of "liberal" who the media will reach for as they demand that the rules in the Jim Jordan scandal be those that are seldom if ever applied to anyone who are not white Republicans and especially when they are conservative white men who have been groomed for leadership on the basis of their photogenicity. 

We should demand that Republicans get judged by the same rules they applied to Hillary Clinton in their quarter-century campaign to smear her.  We should demand that the media, everything from NPR and the New York Times down to the sewers of CNN and FOX and the tabloids, not get away with the same double standard they have practiced for as long.   We should demand that idiot establishment pseudo-liberals cut their bull shit or we should defund them.   That last one is something we could do all by ourselves. 

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