Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Is There A More Whiny-Ass Cry-Baby Than The Big Tough Self-Appointed Champion of Civil Liberties, The Dersh?


A Poem for Alan Dershowitz

For Alan Dershowitz, who seems to have been having a really bad time on Martha’s Vineyard.

With Martha’s Vineyard shunning me,
Over the kids the White House stole,
I thank whatever gods may be
Opinion pages let me troll.

When invitations don’t arrive
I have not winced or cried aloud.
Watching my social prospects dive,
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond the ferry to Oak Bluffs
Loom lonely days and lonely nights,
Because when things start getting tough,
I call my friends McCarthyites.

From Clinton to Henry the Eighth,
I’ll speak to power flattery,
I am the master of bad faith,
I am the captain of TV. 

Having loathed Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard asshole as seen on millions of TVs, who can be counted on to get millionaire wife killers off,  advocate torture because he's an Israel-fascists right or wrong kind of guy and an all around two-faced a-hole, I realize that my despising him doesn't matter to him because I'm not PLU, "people like us" to him.  His self-pitying whine about how the PLUs of his set at Martha's Vinyard are avoiding him like a case of ringworm is making me smile.

Dershowitz was always what he is now, it's just that he's so hungry to get his smug, sour puss on TV so badly and he's figured that being Trumps "liberal" (though the Dersh has always been the kind of "liberal" who is a Republican-fascist enabler of the kind I talked about below) will get him pretty much on whenever he wants to get on. 

I have come to hope that I've been wrong and that there is a hell for the likes of those who advocate torture and prop up the Trump-fascist regime.  Those who defend him even as he puts babies and children into concentration camps, you would think that would have been a step too far for the Dersh, but, no.

Hell for the Dersh will be a very, very, very long time with people ignoring him completely as he seeks attention and having his every asinine statement taken as serious because he's had his ass at Harvard Law for decades.   Harvard is a whore house, by and large, Harvard Law has been one, with very few exceptions, for a good part of its existence as THE elite law school of the country.   Trump reportedly wants either a Yalie or Harvard product for his next Supreme Court pick.  Either school can be counted on to give him someone who will rubber stamp fascism.

Update:  I should have added that Dershowitz is a predictable and boundless and outrageous libeler and slanderer of his opponents, whether Noam Chomsky or Norman Finkelstein or whoever.   I'd have cut him off over that decades ago.  Can't stand a sanctimonious liar. 


  1. I saw a report on that editorial Dershowitz published. Apparently not getting invited to dinner parties at Martha's Vineyard is the equivalent of being sent to a gulag, or torture, or imprisonment, or something.

    Is it something about old men in the Northeast that they turn into such whiners? I really think it has to do with shifting demographics. Trump fears a brown planet (always has) and reacts like a white racist Southerner would. Dershowitz fears a country where he isn't lionized or at least put on TV on the regular (apparently), but nobody except a few old people like you and me remember him from "back in the day." My daughter wouldn't know his name/reputation, and she's 26. It must be killing him Of course, Trump loves the attention, too. Maggie Haberman speculated he posts some tweets just to be talked about on TV that evening. Lord knows he doesn't do anything else worth talking about....

    Maybe it's another consequence of old age and people living longer. Elizabeth II is still on the throne simply because of modern medicine, at this point. People who used to be dead by Trump's age are still around and demanding the attention they clawed their way into decades ago. One consequence of changing demographics is that people are more interested in Beyonce shooting a video at the Louvre than in Alan Dershowitz doing anything. I guarantee my daughter knows more about the Beyonce video.

    Must be driving those old white men crazy. It's the only explanation I can come up with.

    1. They are at Harvard Law, apparently. When I read what he was whining all I could think of was when I taunted Simps with the line from The Glass Menagerie, "You're a Christian martyr, yes, that's what you are, a Christian martyr!" Maybe it's got something to do with people in show biz who have to get attention for themselves, that's pretty much what Dershowitz is, apart from a legal hack to the rich.

    2. His whine about Martha's Vineyard is so pathetic it beggars belief. He's crossed over into public joke.

    3. No doubt he's hoping to turn himself into a cause celebre, thus getting him more attention and camera time. He's the Gilderoy Lockhart of Harvard Law.

      McCarthyism, that he doesn't get the dinner invites from the qwality at the Vinyard. Well, I've come to think that was magnified out of all proportion because so many of the victims and "victims" of it were in show biz. I wonder how many plays and movies they did about the teachers and blue collar workers who got canned as opposed to Hollywood writers, I'm guessing the hacks got at least four to one, if not far more.

    4. Hollywood writers who couldn't put their names in the screen credits! O, the humanities!

    5. No doubt they felt it more, they being the artsy type. And affluent, everyone knows the affluent feel more than the poor, everyone including the commies.

      That's how they have whined and will whine perpetually for the lost profits of those years for Dalton Trumbo and Lillian Hellman. Frankly, the more I read about most of the Hollywood 10 et al, the bigger jerks they were. It was such a relief when I realized I didn't have to pretend to feel sorry for them on the basis of anti-anti-communism, I could dislike both sides.

    6. Hollywood loves to tell stories about Hollywood. That will never change.