Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Fireworks by PES

I may as well come out with it, now that I've dissed Phil Spector and his tedious wall of sound crap, that I've outgrown fireworks.   You've seen 58 fireworks displays, you've seen them all.  Not to mention the heavy metal and other poison they spread, not to mention the frequent forest fire danger.   I'm surprised we haven't had a huge one here in Maine since the Republican idiots legalized private fireworks displays,  it's just a matter of time before there is one.  If not here then in New Hampshire where that spread from.

I watched my boot-leg copy of the Jean Shepherd 4th of July movie again and I've found that that's gotten old, too.   Love Jean Shepherd but only his more obscure work, now.  There isn't much that doesn't get old.  Well, apart from genius, Laura Nyro, for example.  Never get tired of her music.

I'm getting too much fun out of causing outrage by blaspheming pop culture.  It's so funny when the self-appointed anti-snobs go all Hyacinth Bucket when you diss pop culture.

Well, I'd better cut this out, despite it being hellishly not.  Those beans aren't weeding themselves.


  1. Yup, fireworks are boring after a while. Some idiots in the neighborhood will shoot 'em off after dark (well, starting at 6, continuing 'til midnight). Just heard a story of Dallas cops confiscating 7100 lbs. of "consumer grade" fireworks from some guy's house. Imagine living next door to that much explosives. Imagine the idiot trying to set it off once the sun goes down.

    I'm all for banning fireworks, period. You wanna see 'em, go to a show. I've nothing against the shows, I just don't bother anymore.

    Seen one, seen 'em all.

  2. And for pity's sake, what does the "1812 Overture" have to do with the 4th of July? (Except the orchestra gets to fire cannons?)

    1. A war Canadians like to point out the U.S. lost, in so far as the involvement with Canada entered into it.

      I think that's Arthur Fielder's doing, him and the Esplanade Orchestra. Luckily, I'll miss that entirely as there is no family get together planned today. I used to have a tradition of reading Why I Live At The P.O. every 4th. Maybe I should revive that custom. Or maybe I'll celebrate by reading something I've never read before. I've got a novel in Esperanto by a Croat author I haven't cracked yet, maybe that.