Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Stupid Mail



I'm such an elitist that I won't be satisfied till everyone is elite.  That used to be an aspiration of egalitarian democracy, it was a sad day for liberalism when it got duped into settling for the most cynical and base view of humanity out of some stupid idea that encouraging people to wallow in crap that led to misery and its propagation before an early death was, somehow, being fair to them. 

Update:  The Stupid Doesn't Stop

Stupy is still railing on about my blasphemy against psycho-murderer and crook, Phil Spector and Be My Baby.  For anyone who doesn't believe atheists have sacred cows and won't go all stock character Brit pantomime Inquisitor when someone disses them.  "Zod," who may well be one of his stray socks,  is railing on about something. I'm not sure he knows what.  I can't discern what he's on about over Psalm 50. 

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