Thursday, July 5, 2018

Abolish The Title "Commander In Chief" By Law

A democracy doesn't have a "commander" when one does, it ceases to be a democracy. 

The use of the title "Commander  in Chief," something that should never have been allowed to have escaped the context of the CIVILIAN leadership of the military, got totally out of hand under the Bush-Cheney use of para-militarism as a political tool in the wake of 9-11, Bush II's appearance in a jet pilot costume which the likes of Chris Matthews drooled over was an outrageous use of what could turn very dangerous and has under Trumpist fascism.   It was one of the things that Barack Obama got right that he dialed that kind of thing back a bit, though I think the title was used entirely too often during his administration.

The only title that anyone should apply to the President of the United States is "President."   The United States had a chance to have a military commander if that was what was chosen, it was one of the chief claims of the greatness of George Washington, later such Civil War generals Grant and Sherman, that they rejected the possibilities of becoming military rulers of the country. 

To have a sleazy, crooked organized criminal and TV personality AND DRAFT DODGER like Trump called "Commander in Chief" especially by the pro-fascist media like FOX should be all anyone needs to see why that title should be abolished, by law.  We have the lesson right before our eyes at how dangerous that kind of thinking is because Trump does aspire to fascist rule with the encouragement of his patron, the foremost patron of fascism today, Putin. 

If the military feels the need to be reminded of civilian rule of the military, it should adopt the civilian usage, modifying it.   To give the civilian head of the executive branch a military title was always a bad ide.

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