Friday, May 18, 2018

The Civil War, Here And Now: This Country Is Committing Suicide Because of Right Wing Politics

They're saying that today's mass shooting in a high school in Santa Fe, Texas is the 22nd since the beginning of this year, we are four and a half months into the year, makes you wonder if we can expect at least another 22, assuming such incidents take the summer off.  

The insanity of the 2nd Amendment, passed to protect the slave-patrols of the slave power,  and the Supreme Court insanity that has extended it past where anyone had any belief that it extended, including the NRA before it morphed into Murder inc. a deadly brothel to get money out of the gun industry and Republican-fascist politics.  

The 2nd Amendment has turned the Bill of Rights into a death warrant for thousands more Americans than were murdered on 9-11 and the fascists are hell bent on keeping it that way and making it worse.  

The Republican Party is, in fact, at war with the American People, it is in every way an extension and expansion of the worst of the Confederate traitors only worse.   I think the whole thing was planned to destroy any hope of democracy and government of, by and for The People and for the benefit of the great, great grandchildren of the Confederate slave power and their allies among the Northern commercial class.   That's certainly how it has worked out. 

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