Sunday, May 13, 2018

On So Much Being Made Of The Invitation To Time Travelers To Come See Them Put Stephen Hawking's Ashes In A Cathedral Being Used To Goad Me

If they've got the ability to travel in time,  my guess is they're not that impressed with the best physics that the human species can produce now-a-days.  Maybe physics of that type has nothing to do with time travel.   How many physicists believe time travel is impossible due to what they think physics shows? 

Maybe they've gone through so many framings of how they think of the physical universe past the current human ones that they look at what Hawking did and say,  "Meh."    Or maybe they know his theories were barking up the wrong tree.  That's quite possible as they don't have physical confirmation for a lot of it and there's no prospect of getting it any time soon. 

Maybe they're mature enough to not want the attention and publicity.  Or, maybe they're there and don't want to call attention to themselves.   

It's kind of funny how they're putting the ashes of an man who detested religion to rest in a cathedral, that is if Westminster is still being passed off as a place of religion.  I mean other than the religion of Brit supremacy and nationalism.  I don't think I'd bother going.   I think the  whole story is kind of "meh."  


  1. The internment of the ashes is meant to honor Hawking. Well and good.

    Are regular worship services held in Westminster? That would mean more than the name for whether it is a Christian space or not.

    1. True. And there are a full set of services held there. Which makes it more ironic that they'd be making a big deal of putting Hawking's ashes there.

      It is so funny what those guys figure will be upsetting. I hate to tell them that they haven't found what will do that yet.

    2. Thanks. I really didn't know. Makes sense, as it's the Church of England. But one should not assume.