Friday, May 18, 2018

As The Days Grow Longer The Simels Grows Wronger

I checked by doing a word search of my blog, the only time I have ever referenced "superman" is when I discussed the theories of Nietzsche and George Bernard Shaw and, apparently once in Ayn Rand's even more demented version of the pathological fantasy.  So, as always, Simels is lying. 

Interestingly, I did mention Lois Lane in a footnote once:

I remember one boring day when a number of the Eschaton gals swooned over how sexy Richard Dawkins was and the boys slobbered over Lalla, his then wife.   I figure people get to have the taste they choose (though atheists wouldn't logically be able to say it was a choice) but I always found Dawkins to be smarmy - nothing turns me off like a Brit Received accent.   Lalla Ward, I prefered the tough, smart Romana, Mary Tamm, sort of like I liked the original, tough cooky, Lois Lane.

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