Monday, May 14, 2018

In Which I've Got My Doubts

You know that if she had been religious that  Sarah Braash, the obviously rather awful woman who called the cops on Lolade Siyonbola for the crime of falling asleep in her dorm's common room while studying while Black,  would have set off the anti-religious Wurlitzer on many a blog.

While the reaction of the cops at Yale is certainly open to reasonable question and, listening to the tape of the interaction of Ms. Siyonbola and the cops makes you understand how much damage the  accusations of doing anything while black  have caused, it is Braash who is the rightful focus of questioning.   She's had run ins with students of color at Yale before.

Apparently she claims to be an ex-Jehovah's witness who is now hooked up with the anti-religion racket, Freedom From Religion Foundation.  The most extensive claims I've read about her were in this piece, I'm reluctant to believe lots of it because most of the information seems to come from Braash, herself and it seems like a suspiciously full resume for someone her age.  So I'll focus only on this claim she apparently made for herself.

Braasch has also fought againt hate crime laws. “I am pretty much the only person I know who hates hate-crime legislation as little more than bald-faced thought-crime legislation. I am not infrequently verbally vilified for asserting the claim that morality has no place in the law,” she wrote in the 2010 article. In 2011 she wrote a piece on Daylight Atheism titled, “Be Careful What You Wish For (Why I Hate Hate Crimes Legislation, But I Love Hate Speech).” 

Her world view would seem to be more mixed up than if they made an ice cream variety made with the mythical Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans in a base of caramel and sewage.

I am not really very interested in the bizarre mish-mosh of ideological causes she mixes together in her own crazy but just to point out that if she'd been a Baptist or a Catholic or some other religious identity it would have set them going all over the place.  I haven't checked the atheist websites to see if they're owning her as they're always insisting that religious people do anyone who does anything wrong, even those who aren't of the same denomination or faith tradition.  But I've got my doubts.  I wonder how well she speaks French.

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  1. Look at her CV - casebook overachiever desperately searching for some stab at significance. Volume gets attention but it doesn't keep it. She might well be upping the ante in the future once this nonsense fades.