Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Ben Shapiro's Spews BARRAGE Of Lies On Fox & Friends on Palestine

I've pretty well had it with Israeli governments of the past two-decades (not to mention most of the earlier ones), especially their Putin style corruption of our politics through their supporting liars in the United States.  I'm disgusted that an octogenarian pimp like Sheldon Adelson is buying off Republicans to get them to do things that lead to this week's entirely predictable and totally unnecessary violence resulting in dozens of Palestinians dead as they ineffectively threw rocks over the wall the Israeli government constructed, making Gaza a concentration camp which they are starving.

The American media is no where near as critical of the Israeli government as the non-media-whore media of Israel - thought I wouldn't bet on them continuing to operate freely if they start having any kind of effect on Israeli elections.

It's entirely time for the United States to start treating Israel like just another country instead of some kind of moral cause because it isn't one.

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