Friday, May 18, 2018

America's Best And Benightest

Not to mention the rest of what Bill Gates said about his and, disturbingly, his daughter's meeting Trump. 

I decided to post this because I just heard a story on NPR about the difficulties of getting uneducated, propagandized people in Pakistan and other such countries to take polio vaccines.    Remember that both Trump and Robert Kennedy jr. are both the product of rich families, private prep-schools and Ivy League universities. 

And Trump is the guy the Republican-fascists and international oligarchs put in charge of American healthcare policy, science policy, etc.


  1. Given the "anti-vaxxers" in America, it's the propaganda, not the lack of education, that's the problem.

    Trump loves propaganda, which is why he always yells about "Fake News!"

    1. I am always being reminded that there were a lot of college credentialed people who voted for Trump and lots of people who never went to a prep-school or college who voted for Hillary Clinton. Not to mention the idiots on the habitually Republican-assisting play-left who are almost all highly academically inclined. I have come to think of Katrina Vandenheuvel and Richard Cohen as emblematic of that, though there are so many others who would fit right in.