Thursday, May 17, 2018

Disbar Giuliani And Cohen

I don't know how lawyers get disbarred in New York, considering how long it took for them to disbar Trump's idea of a great lawyer, Roy Cohn, the New York Bar will overlook a lifetime of sleaze and wrongdoing till they can't ignore it.  So I doubt they're all that interested in keeping their profession honest.  

But someone should consider getting the ball rolling in the disbarment of Rudy Giuliani and Michael Cohen because if what they're doing can't get you kicked out no one has any reason to believe they aren't all a bunch of crooks. 

I don't know if lawyers in New York are unusually sleazy, there is certainly a lot of sleaze in the legal profession - a profession that has richly earned its bad reputation over the centuries.  I know there are lots of sleazy lawyers elsewhere.  But there is something about lawyers in New York that really stinks.  Maybe it's that it's the financial industry centered there, not to mention the ultra-sleazy New York media.  Only I don't think there's any maybe about it. 

Lawyers turn out to not be any more reliable in self-policing than the police or the financial industry are.   You do think they might want to hold themselves up to a higher standard, especially those who once made a living as prosecutors. But, no.  I wonder, is Geraldo Rivera still a member.   Eeewww!

Update:  Another example is Jay Goldberg warning Donald Trump that he couldn't trust Michael Cohen BECAUSE HE MIGHT TELL THE TRUTH TO PROSECUTORS.  Why it isn't a problem when lawyers advise the guilty with how to get away with their crimes?  Why isn't that something that should be considered unethical if not illegal?  Especially if they volunteer that advice on how to get away with breaking the law to a former client.  It's certainly sleazy. 

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