Wednesday, March 8, 2017

You're a "Typical Catholic - Anti-Semite" - Hate Mail

Nonsense, what I'm being is consistent, applying the same standards to people who were put up as phony heroes on the left that I would people who I wouldn't ever have been gulled into thinking were innocent when they weren't.   

No more lies, no more double standards.  That they were Communists doesn't mean that their crimes aren't crimes and that the crimes they covered up for their fellow Communists weren't crimes.  As I said, if someone involved with the Trump-Putin sabotage of our elections ratted on their fellow rats, I'd respect them as much as I do John Dean for exposing the criminality of those in the Nixon administration he worked in.  

I don't care how many fucking movies you've seen about it, those were the kinds of lies that Trump tweets like clockwork, they're just lies told for the spies of the pre-Putin regime in Russia. 

Update:  I didn't break my resolution to not post his comments.  I don't know if he's the one who sent what I'm answering.  It's a fact he uses sock puppets, not the only one of Duncan's bigger liars who does, JR does too.  I'm going on the assumption it's someone else.   Most of the hate mail I get goes right into the spam file and I never respond to it.  I love getting hate mail, I'm very fortunate in the low quality of my detractors. 

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  1. " I didn't break my to not post his comments. I don't know if he's the one who sent what I'm answering."


    And you have the stones to call anybody else a liar.

    Wow. Seek help, Sparkles.