Friday, March 10, 2017

I'm not sure but I think the claim that Frank Zappa's music is "academic" has to be one of the five stupidest things I've read about music in this millennium.  It might be #1 on that list.   You might think that if your academic career stopped at 7th grade and your vocabulary merely extends to having read or heard the word without knowing what it means.  But, then, see my post containing the definition of "scapegoat" from the other day.

Mind you, I haven't dipped into Henry Pleasants since the 1960s or so.

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  1. There were rumors Zappa had an M.A. in music. He denied it (as it wasn't true). Not sure where that ever came from. I guess some attempt to legitimize his satire and sense of humor, so he couldn't be dismissed as merely "comic."

    I like Zappa's music, but it's pretty MOR stuff, frankly. And about as academic as a news article.