Thursday, March 9, 2017

Something To Remember As You Read Accusations About "New Cold-Warriors"

I was working on a piece to be posted later but in listening to clips from radio and TV I decided to move it up.   Please listen to this Youtube before you read what I wrote below.

It is a bit early for me to write my nearly annual post about what clueless, anachronistic, stupidity the Left Forum has in store but I was curious to see if there was anything up on their website yet so I looked at its theme statement for 2017.   Apropos of my contention that the habits of ineffective, discrediting and cluelessness of the old-new left are still in full flower,  here is the one paragraph that mentions the regime that attacked our democracy:

The dangers are easy to name – the ascendance of the highly organized, racist, misogynist right to an office in the White House; Republicans in lockstep, ready to fulfill their dream of the final dismantling of the public sector and the welfare state; an authoritarian American president looking to find like-minded thug cronies across the globe to make deals to vacuum out the last iotas of resources and profit from a planet in deep crisis. Sadly, Trump’s most institutionally powerful opponents are those who desire a return to the glory days of cold war with Russia, not to mention the military manufacturers, contractors, and press operations for whom war and conflict remains the most profitable racket. Other opponents are the Democrats, useless even when they haven’t just totally ignored a populist moment to ensure the nomination of probably their least popular, most militaristic, and big-money friendly candidate over a popular socialist who could, no doubt, have beaten Trump at his own game.

"Trump’s most institutionally powerful opponents are those who desire a return to the glory days of cold war with Russia,..."  That is the only mention of Russia in the document, the country whose dictator attacked our elections process and helped put his puppet into the presidency.   You can look at the statement, yourself searching for the words "Putin", "hacking", "Wikileaks" "Assange" and see that nothing about that appears in the document.  You can also see who they do blame for him, Democrats and, not by name, Hillary Clinton, the one and only person who stood between us and Donald Trump as so many on the loony left voted for that other dinner companion of Vladimir Putin,  the Green Party spoiler 2017, Jill Stein.

Since Bernie Sanders is mentioned, not by name, with the claim that he "could, no doubt, have beaten Trump at his own game,"  I'll point out that later they claim,

A democratic socialist got very close to the White House.

nly, he didn't.  He didn't even win the nomination of the party comprising the demographic most likely to have been able to do that if they'd chosen to,  the Democratic Party, the largest liberal leaning entity in the country.   A democratic socialist got no where near even getting a major party nomination.  In fact, Sanders got a lot of slamming from last year's Left Forumites for saying if he didn't get the nomination, as it was clear, by then, he wouldn't, that he would endorse the one and only person who stood between the world and a Trump presidency.   I credit him with a level of realism that the Left Forum has never embodied, endorsed, or countenanced.  It is a lunatic exercise from start to finish.

The Left Forum in 2017 is going to be just another year of total bull shit, posing and posturing in total and counter-productive impotence just as it has been every single year of its existence going back into the fading past.

My bigger question is about the articles I'm reading in lefty magazines and those from lefty sources who don't seem to think that there should be any kind of action taken against Vladimir Putin's ratfucking of our election and his world-wide campaign to enable white-supremacist, far right and blatantly anti-democratic parties and organizations and movements on the claim that those opposing his overt war on democracy as wanting to "start a new cold war".  

One of the revelations of the brief period of open information in the soon-to-be former Soviet Union and the aborted democratic Russia was the evidence that the American Communists, as late as the Brezhnev period and, likely, after, was that Moscow was, in fact, funding the Communists in the United States, including such figures as Gus Hall.  The American Communists and their dupes among lefties and liberals who believed them, were not right about that.   I put that out there as a question of why these latter day lefties are including a call to not oppose the neo-fascist-white-supremacist funding Russian dictator today.  Both here and elsewhere, Putin and his Trumppuppet are opposed to the full range of the litany of lefty items they claim to be for at the Left Forum.   Why would they include that in their ridiculous theme statement for the Left Forum in 2017 that Putin's activities shouldn't be opposed with all of the revelations of the white-supremacy, neo-fascist Trump regime and its ties to the Putin regime?   What is their motive?  Long established, knee-jerk, pro-Russian habit?

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