Friday, March 10, 2017

Dealing With The Lies Of Pathological Liars Isn't Always Nice But It's Necessary

If there is one thing we might have already learned from the Trump phenomenon it is that when you are dealing with an irrational liar with no connection to reality, answering what they claim with evidence and reason isn't always simple.  I will point out that I've found the same to be true dealing with the pathological lies from other people, something I've found myself doing mostly dealing with traditional conventional lefty narratives online.  Many of those don't stand up to fact checking and truth testing much better than some of the crap that spews from the Trump-fascist geyser of lies.

The same boob who has been spouting antique communist lore, claiming that the Rosenbergs were the victims of antisemitism, antisemitism apparently at the hands of their Jewish prosecutor, Roy Cohn in a trial, conviction and death sentence handed down by the Jewish Judge Irving Kaufman (who claimed he went to his synagogue for guidance from God to do it) in a state which had had Jewish Supreme Court justices, including Cohn's father who was elevated to the higher court by a Jewish governor, Herbert Henry Lehman, decades earlier, the same boob who repeats that piece of Communist nonsense has sent me something from the variably (un)reliable Alternet about a recent pro-Trump rally in Arizona to show that that state is an antisemitic hell hole.  It was part of his ongoing snark to the comment I once made in response to a vicious ethnic slur by him that the world would probably be a safer place if a Jewish Homeland had been made on land donated by the United States instead of on land taken from Palestinians.  I mentioned the idea that land in Arizona might have been a safer place to locate such a homeland than Palestine.  I mentioned other possible locations, including my own state for such a thing.

Well, ever since then it has been important for this dope to depict Arizona as Nazi Germany, a stereotype which all too many Arizonans don't discourage by their being massively bigoted and horrible and electing a series of some of the worst politicians in the country.*  Though I doubt many if any states don't have those kinds of people winning elections.  But how would you really measure such a thing if it were a question of where in the country are Jews the victims of antisemitism?   Well, if  the most recent study by the Anti Defamation League I've looked at is any indication maybe this guy should be leaving his home state.

Continuing a consistent trend for many years, the states with the highest totals of anti-Semitic incidents were those with large Jewish populations. Once again, New York and California topped the list:
New York, with 198 incidents in 2015, down from 231 in 2014;
California, with 175 incidents, down from 184;
New Jersey, with 137 incidents, up from 107;
Florida, with 91 incidents, up from 70;
Massachusetts, with 50 incidents, up from 47.

n the full, state by state listing, you can compare the 198 such incidents in New York State to 4 in Arizona, the same number as happened in my home state, Maine.  By the way, four is way too many, some states have the right number 0.  I will note that among the states reporting no incidents are some such as Idaho and Kansas.  Which makes my point that trying to characterize states in that way is likely as fact free as anything Trump or FOX "news" or Alex Jones says.

Somehow, I don't think you would find too many people who would identify New York State as a hell hole of antisemitism in the United States, not to mention the other states listed as those reporting the most incidents on the list. Maybe, if my troll's method of discernment is accurate, Jews in his state would be better off moving to Arizona or Idaho or Kansas.  I can't imagine that the political character of any state wouldn't do anything but improve if that were to happen.  Maine might actually turn into the liberal state so many people mistake it for if that were to happen.  Susan Collins would likely be voted out of office.   Somehow, I doubt that my troll is going to flee the state he claimed was the locus of homicidal antisemitism in his earlier snark.

You could, I would note, go by actions by state and local governments hostile to the civil rights of Jews and come to a comparison of such actions taken against other groups, both ethnic groups or how diligently such crimes were investigated and those punished,  Crimes and actions against women, LGBT people, and see where the facts took you.

The Trump-fascist regime has certainly unleashed antisemitism as well as every other species of bigotry and hate, none so much as anti-Muslim, anti-Latino and anti-Black hatred, hatred against transgender children.  That the bizarre nature of the Trump-fascist crime family includes major participation by his Jewish son-in-law, the real-estate crime-family prince, Jared Kushner makes the neoNazi support of his campaign and regime even weirder.  That Kushner and his wife, touted as a convert to Orthodox Judaism, apparently feels no need to push his father-in-law to take action against the antisemites just adds to the bizarre nature of the whole thing.

But I refuse to take any blame for this, I'm not the one who has favored the creation of the media environment that created it.  And it is, almost entirely, a creation of the free media.

You might remember that I've been calling for the deNazification of the United States for more than a decade, for the lies that are the basis of their empowerment to be made actionable by those they lie about, to the derision and dismissal by old-line lefties on the basis of "free speech - free press".  Well, what you've got now is a result of that regime of lies.  Don't blame me for it, blame those who support the liars and the absurd idea that anything good comes out of allowing Nazis, fascists and Marxists free reign to spread their lies.

*  Though certainly not all, I will note, if you forget, that Arizona sent Gabby Gifford to the Congress

Update:  You can make a lie that's easy to tell, telling the truth is often not easy.

"Let's see if I got this straight"....

A. You couldn't get it straight if you used a straight edge, nor would you want to because,  B. your only intention is to misrepresent what I said, C. you only prove my point that lies can be constructed to be easy to consume, the truth is often more complex which, D. shows why lies are especially dangerous in politics and the law.

What you can get straight is that you and Trump have a similar relationship with truth in so far as neither one of you seems to be capable of telling it.

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