Friday, March 10, 2017

Oh, yeah.  I am entirely in favor of it being illegal to spout hate speech, especially that which incites discrimination and violence, in the media.  On TV, on radio, in movies, in books.  I support the removal of any broadcast license to those who spout hate speech and the banning of those entities which carry it. 

I think one of the lessons that we're receiving in the wholesale assault on American democracy is that fascism can happen here, it can happen aided and abetted by the permission to lie and spread hate in the mass media.   I think it's most likely that when such stuff has the status of legal protection and permission that fascist destruction of democracy is almost inevitable.  

I'd look at the law Canada had on such stuff, though I will admit I haven't looked at its fate in the Harper years.  At least something like that is what I favor.  I'm entirely in favor of deNazification and deStalinization.  Those ideologies should never be given a second chance to mount a repeat. 

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