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The Last Resort Of A Movie Informed Lefty Without A Leg To Stand On 2017

Now the troll is claiming that the Rosenbergs were executed because they were Jewish, not because, as just about every scholarly piece I've read on it holds, they refused to confess.  The claim that it was because they were Jewish is rather ridiculous,  considering they were prosecuted by Roy Cohn and the death sentence was handed down by Judge Irving Kaufman who claimed he had gone to a synagogue to help make his decision.  From his New York Times obituary:

Judge Kaufman had let it be known that before imposing the sentence he had gone to a synagogue to pray for guidance. Justice Frankfurter's first law clerk, Joseph Rauh, said Justice Frankfurter considered that "unjudicial conduct," a blatant effort to obtain publicity in his drive to win the "Jewish seat" on the Court.

Justice Frankfurter wrote to Judge Learned Hand: "I despise a judge who feels God told him to impose a death sentence. I am mean enough to try to stay here long enough so that K will be too old to succeed me."

In sentencing the Rosenbergs, Judge Kaufman called their crime "worse than murder." Later, he denied judicial clemency, despite what he called "a mounting organized campaign of vilification, abuse and pressure." He complained of threatening letters and asked for and received police protection for himself and his family.

Roy Cohn and the rest of the prosecution apparatus that killed the Rosenbergs were far more interested in either getting the Rosenbergs to name more of their accomplices or to scare others into revealing more of the spy network.  That Cohn was willing to kill the Rosenbergs if he lost the game of chicken with them certainly is in keeping with the rest of his foul biography.  But his greatest help in doing that lay on no one more certainly than Julius Rosenberg.

Julius Rosenberg could, certainly, have saved his wife and likely himself by confessing to what we now know he was guilty of.  He could have dealt for her life.  If she were guilty she could have, as well.  I don't know if, as some have speculated, that they were under orders from higher-ups in the communist chain of command to not talk, if they did they also share in the responsibility for their executions.   We know, for a fact, that Julius Rosenberg was willing to make their sons orphans for Stalin, it's entirely likely that Ethel was, as well.  I don't think people like that deserve to be considered heroes. I don't think anyone holding them up as people who people on the left are required to pretend were innocent is credible.  Those, today,  propping up the traditional lefty claims surrounding this case are entirely discreditable.  They've done enormous damage to liberalism in the United States, discrediting and weakening liberalism as certainly as Republican-fascists have.  Liberals have got to stop playing sucker for such people.

Update:  Oh, for crying out loud.  Here is a list I found online of those who were convicted as part of the same spy ring the Rosenbergs were in.

Joel Barr, Abraham Brothman, Klaus Fuchs, Vivian Glassman, Harry Gold, David Greenglass, Ruth Greenglass, Miriam Moskowitz, William Perl, Morton Sobell, Ethel Rosenberg, Julius Rosenberg, Al Sarant, Andrew Roth.

The Rosenbergs were the only ones executed, everyone on the list except Klaus Fuchs was Jewish, if that's the reason they were given the chair, how did the others escape the same bitter end?

Update 2:  Now the idiot is holding up Klaus Fuchs as someone who didn't get the electric chair when the Rosenbergs did.  Apparently the idiot doesn't realize that makes my point BECAUSE KLAUS FUCHS AS WELL AS PEOPLE LIKE HARRY GOLD AND DAVID GREENGLASS TALKED BUT THE ROSENBERGS WOULDN'T.

Really, there were some degrees handed out to entirely unqualified people in the 60s and 70s, many of whom couldn't reason their way through sorting a pair of socks.  That matched.

And about David Greenglass, See Also

While I worried that he would wallow in self-justification, Greenglass did just the opposite. Over and over, he patiently revisited his Sophie’s Choice, how he chose to sacrifice the sister who helped raise him over the mother of his two children.

“My wife is my wife,” he said. “I mean, I don’t sleep with my sister, you know.”

First, in confessing to the F.B.I., he inadvertently implicated Ruth (who was at least as complicit in the espionage conspiracy as Ethel). Then, to protect his wife from prosecution, he began cooperating with investigators. He fingered Julius, whom prosecutors hoped would confess if they threatened Ethel with execution. Finally, only a week before the trial was to begin, with the government desperate for evidence against Ethel and with Greenglass himself still hoping for a suspended sentence, he averred that maybe Ruth was right in her own recollection a few days earlier, that his sister had typed his handwritten notes for delivery to the Soviets. He testified to that effect. Ruth corroborated his sworn account, and the prosecutor declared in his summation to the jury that Ethel had “struck the keys, blow by blow, against her own country in the interests of the Soviets.”

Except that Greenglass admitted to me that he lied, that he couldn’t recall then or now who typed his notes, that he confirmed Ruth’s account only because he didn’t want to label her a liar. Then, he added a stunning coda: “I frankly think my wife did the typing, but I don’t remember.” Without that testimony, the single most incriminating evidence against Ethel Rosenberg, she might well have been acquitted much less executed.

Just as I was completing “The Brother,” I interviewed Herbert Brownell, who served as assistant attorney general while the Rosenbergs were appealing their conviction. What happened to the government’s strategy of leveraging the charges against Ethel to get Julius to confess? I was stunned by Brownell’s candor - and cynicism. “She called our bluff,” he said.

As to your accusation that I've committed the crime of doing research, I have no idea, I just have really good recall for things I've read a long time ago.  Maybe that happens when you read more than you watch TV.

Last Update:  You ass, you're proving exactly what I said about ideologues not caring about the truth. There is no question that Julius Rosenberg and almost certainly Ethel Rosenberg were guilty of espionage for Stalin in his case and at least knowing about what her husband was doing in her case. It is entirely possible that she was as involved as he was.  Guilty people aren't scapegoats, or don't you know what that means either.  Here's a clue, you have to be innocent to be a scapegoat.

I think if they were innocent they wouldn't have acted as they did leaving two sons orphans and doing so much damage to the American left.   As it is, I also think the entire thing proves that Marxism is the enemy of egalitarian democracy, they did the most damage to that, just as the former Soviet apparatchik, Putin has.

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