Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Lawyer Sessions: I Didn't Think I Was Obligated To Correct My Lie Because You Didn't Catch Me In It Before Now

After reading Jeff Sessions latest letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, I've got to conclude he is not only a massive liar he is also massively stupid.  

For him, a lawyer, a Senator for a long time, someone who has been a U.S. Attorney, someone who was nominated for a federal judgeship to claim that he didn't think he was required to correct a lie he told during his sworn testimony because the committee didn't ask him why he lied BEFORE THEY KNEW THAT HE'D LIED, UNDER OATH ....  Can you imagine a seventh grader who came up with that excuse in front of a class?   They'd be laughed into shame by their seventh-grade classmates. 

I think Jeff Sessions is an idiot who got a law degree and rose in a pretty abysmally run state and in a pretty corrupt party through carrying water for the right people and for racists and who was rewarded for doing his part to try to re-segregate Alabama and to put the Jim Crow system back into place.  He has clearly shown that he didn't get to where he is today on the power of his intellect, moral fortitude or even common sense.  

I am beginning to suspect that Chuck Grassley is also an idiot who got where he is through party service.  He outrageously attacked Al Franken yesterday, accusing him of asking that lawyer, that long-time Senator and member of the Judiciary commitee, the former U.S. Attorney a "gotcha" question that led poor, unaware Jeff Sessions to tell a massive lie, which he certainly knew was a lie unrelated to Senator Franken's question.  

The idiocy on display in the Senate is really revealing.  We've had idiots there before now, people who like Sessions and Grassley and, let me add, Susan Collins, who really aren't that bright and aren't at all bound by any sense of morality.  In Senator Susan's case, she has maintained a pretty right-wing Senate career on the basis of the almost entirely Republican-managed Maine media helping her gull a margin of independents and, I'm sorry to say, Democrats into looking at the false front instead of what's behind it.  We've had them before now but in the age of Trump when the stupid is on full display, their stupidity isn't overshadowed by it, it's enhanced.  

The Republican Party is obviously intending to cover up the massive Trump crimes, even selling us out to the Russians.  They are so morally deficient that they'll do that, counting on each other and the American media and, I'm betting, the Republicans in the judiciary covering for them as they do it.  

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