Thursday, March 9, 2017

Scummy Lawyers Lying For Those With Power

The, as they say, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey is providing Donald Trump with cover.  When Kellyanne Conway cites someone's comments to that effect, you can be sure what he says is probably meant to deceive and distract from real crimes.   Reading about him online, he comes from the same murky legal environs that Rudy Giuliani does, he and his family have professional-political relationships with Giuliani in and around the New York legal system.  Apparently his son specializes in defending white-collar criminal gangsters.  Do I hear an echo this morning?

Anyway, the claim of the slime ball, um, former Attorney General, is that there might, possibly, have been some surveillance of Trump Tower, his claim based on the same total lack of evidence that Donald Trump's tweets are based in, only, made by a sleazeball lawyer who they'll ask to be on Morning Edition to bat a few soft balls pitched by Steve Inskeep, they'll give the Trump supporters something to hold on to. 

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