Tuesday, March 14, 2017

When Will I Learn To Not Find These Things Out

Here's something for me to be thankful for, I didn't know who Hitler and Trump supporter Tila Tequila was until I made the mistake of hitting one of those "Celebrities That Supported Trump" links.  

Something to not be thankful for, I know who she is now and why she's "famous".  If there were some place safe to send her to, I'd say deport her, Rupert Murdoch, and Nigel Farage if that piece of garbage is in the country as I type this. 

If I suspected that celebrity didn't mean anything in terms of quality anymore, I know it, now. 

Update:  Apparently my trolls are upset with me for not being a Tila Tequila fan.  Or maybe it's because I dissed Nigel Farage.  Or maybe it's the status of "celebrity" which some of them like to pretend they've got. 

Update 2:  Re his alleged "musical career" I can't remember who said it the week of the installation of Trump but "If I knew the names of any 3 Doors Down songs I'd make a joke right now."

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