Friday, March 17, 2017

Hate Mail

Someone at Duncan's blog contends that it upsets me that he's posting .... what's his name? .... Oh, yeah, Robbie Fulks' attempt to write an atheist anthem over there in atheist land.  

I doubt it's going to replace the current anthem of atheism, "Imagine."  Fulks', simple minded as it is, is too hard for atheists.  

I'd go on but I keep getting the giggles from his angry, repeated, contention that Fulks is a genius.  I guess atheists have to get their "geniuses" where they can.   Fulks isn't without talent but he ain't no genius.   He's a mid-range talent in the singer-songwriter genre.   At best.   He's no Jimmy Rogers. 

He's no Greg Brown. (published yesterday, - nope, read it wrong, last month - and topical)

Update:  And, as always, when he's unable to pretend any longer that he's got more than nuttin', the biggest troll who trolls me brings out the "J card".   Only, since it's libel, it's not a Joker. 

Update 2:  I'd call him "The liar from Queens  but people would probably get him mixed up with Trump.  

Update 3:  And now the liar is repeating a lie that I've refuted at least three times.  But he's one of Duncan Black's favorite regulars.  

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