Friday, March 17, 2017

Perhaps The Only Style Point You're Going To Get From Me

If you want me to automatically start to NOT find your YouTube credible, start by saying "Hey guys" or something like that.  I just clicked on what I believe is probably a Republican-fascist fake Young Turks operation making the most out of this weeks outrage that watching Rachel Maddow's opening segment is sometimes "Haaaarrrrrrrrd!" so as to discredit her - not that I listen to Cenk et al much, anyway.   If the bright youngish thing in the black leather jacket hadn't started "Hey guys" it would have taken me at least ten seconds longer to get my suspicions up.

I'm still finding it funny that people on the competing cabloid channels are criticizing her over her announcement tweet, as if no one else in the business is in the business of hype.  In her case, there was a lot more behind the hype than there usually is.  

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