Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hate Wail - "That's Not Fair"

After much whining and whinging I went back and listened to more of your instantly declared "genius".  Yeah, I was really impressed with the covers of "Dancing Queen" and "I'm a Believer In The Style of Theloneous Monk" the only comfort in that was that everyone involved was probably too clueless to be as embarrassed as they should have been.  

OK, I did it and I'm even less impressed than I was before I did it.  I was impressed times - 1.  His attempt to get groovy and electric?   Let's just say he ain't no Dylan.

Update:  Humor is best well done, homage is best done competently.   Satire.  If you thought that was satire you have no idea what the word means.    

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