Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spend A Little Time Slamming The Scummy Paul Ryan, Third In Line Behind The Impeachable Trump and the Likely Impeachable Pence

Paul Ryan is is a sadist as all libertarians, deep down, are.  All libertarians are gutless kick down, kiss ups, that's what sadism is all about and what libertarianism is.   Remember the Bob principle, that no one could continually do things that have the effect of hurting people without it being intentional, Paul Ryan's political career consists of little else than A. advocating doing to the least among us the worst things he can do, including things that will end up with them dead, B. doing to the richest among us whatever he can to get himself power so he can screw the poor, the sick, the lame, and, most of all children.

That Paul Ryan who never saw an entitlement program he didn't want to destroy benefited enormously from Social Security as a healthy teenager is all anyone needs to know about him to see he is a huge hypocrite of exactly the kind who fill the Republican congress, Trump regime and, when Gorsuch is rubber stamped, controls the Supreme Court.

In what we've found out about the obvious crimes of those around Trump which all seem to point to him being impeachable and indictable and, if not that, his treasonous collusion with Vladimir Putin makes it likely that, eventually, he will be removed from office,  Paul Ryan's position as Speaker of the House and, so, third in line of succession to the presidency makes it worth while to attack him now.  That's especially true in that we're finding out that Mike Pence has lied about how much he knew about the things Mike Flynn was doing that lost him his job and other things that could make the second in line to succeed the impeachable Trump far from certain to fill out a term as president.
While my dream scenario would be the Democrats winning really big in 2018 and a Democrat being third and fourth in line, President Pro Tempore of the Senate, presently the odious Orin Hatch,  and then we get rid of the Republican-fascist criminals in the Executive, I wouldn't bet on it.  A better bet is to make people more familiar with Paul Ryan in real terms instead of the fawning characterizations of him that Samantha Bee showed on her sow last week, making him as unpopular as he deserves to be and, so, politically weak.

I am betting that, like so many in the House, if people outside his district got a good look at Paul Ryan, the healthy young buck who got Social Security but who wants to throw old folks off of it, etc. he would be about as popular as Ted Cruz.  Really, they share a lot in common, being asshole brown noser types (she pointed out Paul Ryan was voted the biggest one in his high school) and those guys aren't the most attractive type.

If Democrats don't take back the House in two years, the United States is finished.  I don't just mean as a democracy, I mean as a viable country.  If Republican control the government in four years, I'm betting a lot of people in a lot of places will be agitating for secession from the neo-Confederate, Putin-Puppet state it is becoming under Republican-fascists.

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