Saturday, March 18, 2017

Second Feature - Fredrik Pohl - The Space Merchants

The CBS Radio Workshop is famous among radio drama fans as a high-quality experimental program that had access to the best creative talent, the best current sound technology (the transcriptions online aren't bad).  The rather superior music was composed and conducted by Samuel Matlovsky for this radio show - amazing how much music was commissioned by American networks back then.  They still had their own network orchestras, too. 

This one is about a future world in which advertising runs everything, including the government.  Note that the conservationists are the enemy.  Sound familiar?  

I believe Pohl was involved with the production, though I can't know how close to the novel it is because I've never read it.  Maybe someone who listens has and can tell us.

Update:  Answer to The Troll on Pohl.

A. One of the thing I read about the production said that Pohl had been involved in it, I assumed, based on that it was OK with him.  I probably wouldn't have posted it if I hadn't read that without having read the novel first.  B. I love to force you to read what I wrote to try to find something you can twist into a criticism, why do you think I posted this instead of the original drama I was thinking of posting?  C.  I mean other than it, like most of the CBS Radio Workshop productions was very good and very interesting.

Update 2:  When it's you there's hardly any great trick to it, it's hardly worth calling it "mind control" it being your mind.  It being your mind, it's like moving a light to change the direction of movement in microscopic life forms.   Or plants.

Update 3:  I just said it wasn't some kind of hugely complex plan, it was just that you're as predictable as the simplest phenomena of nature.  


  1. This is actually pretty good, but having recently reread the novel, I am here to assure you that it can't be done justice in under an hour. This requires a feature length film or, ideally, a mini-series.

    Oh wait, you hate filmed adaptations of novels.😀


    Seriously, seek help.

  3. Your preening self regard and over-estimation of your limited intelligence is approaching Trumpian proportions, Sparkles.

    Kudos and huzzahs!😀