Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Pantomime of Lying That Is Held For Republican Nominees Is In Full Swing

The Republican hack, Steve Inskeep's  barely concealed, fawningly Republican friendly interview with Ben Sasse of Nebraska is in keeping with them doing their part to get Trump's pick for the stolen Court seat confirmed.  It is just one of many things that further prove that liberals should dump NPR and encourage their members of congress to allow Republicans to kill it.  Liberals who have given that fraud their support over the years are suckers for the FOX farm team operation.  I would predict that if NPR went under Inskeep would join those other NPR personalities that made the tiny little step to FOX.

I noticed, especially, his providing a previously recorded interview with a Democratic senator so Sasse could refute what he said.  I don't believe they had yet broadcast that other interview when I heard the one with the Republican-fascist.  I wonder what the minor pantomime of journalistic integrity would say about giving his side that opportunity to sandbag the Democrat.  I'd say it's obviously sleazy and Democrats who give NPR an interview should note that.

Also notice how, when he asked the inevitable question about Senate Republicans under the neo-Confederate racist, Mitch McConnell not allowing even hearings on Obama's nominee to the seat, Ben Sasse knew he didn't even have to do much but refuse to answer the clear hypocrisy of his partisan double-speak on the issue.  And Inskeep, in keeping with everything anyone who has heard him would notice, let it pass without any pressing of the issue.

Every single person in the media will pretend that they don't have a pretty good idea how Neil Gorsuch is going to rule on flagship Republican-fascist cases and every one of them will be lying. I've been saying that for more than ten years.


Molly Ivins' most enduring statement might turn out to be her observation that everyone in Washington DC ends up saying the same things. One of the same things today is that the Senate Judiciary hearings for Supreme Court Justices have become a Kabuki dance. What do you think the chances are that even three of the parrots of the DC press corps knows anything about the high art of Kabuki? Given that within the past year we have been witness to two of these shows and what those were like I'd like to suggest we pass up the obvious "theater of the absurd" designation and go straight to "charades".

But charades isn't the right word either. In charades while the player says nothing they make gestures that are designed to get the audience to say what the player is thinking. In these hearings there were a flood of words and few gestures, give or take a staged bout of tears, and the exercise was to make the audience NOT say what everyone in the room and beyond knew was the subject of the play.

Roberts and Alito lied every single time they verbally mimed the pose of not having made up their minds before hearing a case. These kobe cattle were bred and hand raised to provide the most predictable results. They were nominated into the entirely predictable and safe Republican hands to be put on the court to join Scalia and Thomas to gut the Bill of Rights and Civil Rights amendments and to continue the Republican handover of the country to the oligarches and their corporate properties.

Everyone in the room knew they were lying. Such press as had any knowledge of the Court and things judicial knew they were lying though I'm prepared to concede that the cabloid clack might not have even known what the Court was. The large majority of us who listened to the entire farce knew they were lying. And now the lies will continue as they do exactly what everyone knew they would do. The very rare times that one of them has a bit of a woozy stomach and does something slightly unpredictable will be held onto like a life raft to prove the myth of judicial independence but that won't happen very often.

The lesson for the left is that Earl Warren is dead. He's been dead a good long while now. We can stop pretending that the Supreme Court is going to be anything but the hand maiden of the corporate oligarchy. If we are going to fight this its going to be through the ballot and if not there God save us.

Let's see how much of what happened then happens how, in the pantomime of let's pretend that attends Republican nominations to the Court. The goddamned Supreme Court under the Republican stacking of it, is a politicized and entirely partisan institution. The media enables that through their pretense that those robed priests of the cult of the Constitution are chosen for anything like impartiality and fairness and trying to figure out "original intent" which is a slogan of the most anti-democratic creeps in the legal profession and establishment.

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