Sunday, January 29, 2017

Don't Buy Their Lies And NPR Will Die

I really do mean it, don't give a cent to NPR, don't give a cent to the local "public radio" stations and tell them they won't get another cent from you until they dump NPR.  NPR is the FOX farm team, it has been since before Murdoch started FOX "news" when they went from slash and burn against the Carter administration to having the gentle stylings of Jim Angel covering the Reagan champion criminal enterprise before he moved to FOX "news".  

Oh, yeah, in fact checking this little post, I came across this description of  Angel,  "One of the most fair, incisive, and informed investigative reporters on the Washington scene." it was the guy who went from the Village Voice to the crypto-fascist Cato Institute, the late Nat Hentoff, who gave him that evaluation. 

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