Thursday, February 2, 2017

Oh, For ......

Apparently it has never been noticed by you of the rump remnant of Eschaton but I haven't posted a comment on there in almost five years.  I know, most of you are of an age when the light dims and the memory fades but, really, it's been that long.  I certainly don't ask Simps to talk about me over there. 

If Duncan Black didn't sponsor the lies that Simels and JR, Tlaz and Skeps,  and a few other of you assholes over there tell about what I've said,  I'd never mention him, his blog or his daycare for agéd atheists, ever again.  NOTHING that he posts is of interest to me unless someone like Kevin Drum picks it up and, really, how often does that happen in a decade, these days?

If Duncan doesn't like it, he can stop posting lies about me and I will never have any reason to do other than pretend that he and you do not exist.   Why don't you ask him, then you can pretend I don't exist, either.  Whine where it will get you what you think you want.  Don't complain to me. 

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